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For buyers

If you are considering sending a deposit via a bank transfer or via an online payment site you are placing yourself at risk of fraud.

Online payment fraud has risen drastically over the past few years totalling over £450m in 2019. Criminals are coming up with ever more sophisticated methods to trick victims. One of the more commonly employed tactics used is for them to try and extract a form of advance payment prior to an item being collected in person.

Many people are not aware that their deposit payment is subject to little or no protection, no matter how it is transferred.

Our service allows you to secure your purchase with legitimate sellers.

Tactics used by those engaging in Online Purchase Scams:
  • They pretend to be legitimate traders by copying branding, photographs and official company registration numbers.

  • They open bank accounts with fake identification.

  • They duplicate adverts of items recently or currently on the market.

  • They amass cheap feedback to give an impression of authenticity.

  • They will answer the phone, emails and messages under aliases of legitimate sellers.

It begs the question, do you really know who you are dealing with?

Some payment transfer methods claim to offer protection but specifically exclude covering certain transactions, leaving users at risk.

Depositmate offers a simple and easy to use service which protects both parties and allows them to seal their deal safely.

For Sellers

As a seller, it is entirely reasonable to request a deposit in order to take a vehicle or item off the market.

For every moment that the listing has been removed, you are missing out on potential buyers. Depositmate gives you the ability to obtain financial assurance without the risk of losing your buyer.

All you need is the buyer’s email address and in a matter of seconds, you can request a deposit via our platform which will give you the commitment you need.

Use Depositmate on your phone, tablet or your laptop.

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Depositmate can be used by businesses too, helping secure sales 24/7.

Our service allows users to agree in writing both timescales for collection and the final price, ruling out haggling and leading to hassle-free sales.

Why not broadcast your legitimacy by downloading and using our logo in your advert via our seller resources link below.

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