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Secure Booking

For trades and service providers the ability to secure work and book out a diary is crucial to maintaining a steady flow of revenue.

Deposits are a great way for businesses to ensure their customer is committed and the scheduled work is secure.

Depositmate allows businesses and sole traders to request deposits without making you or your customers to feel uncomfortable.

Within around 30 seconds, a deposit request can be created and you are on your way to having a bespoke contract covering the arrangement in hand.

Secure your job, without losing your customer.

A solution for customers too

Customers sending deposits via traditional means are leaving themselves open to malpractice or fraud. Often they have just met the tradesperson or sometimes arrangements are just made solely online.

  • What if the service provider ceases to trade?

  • What if they do not turn up on the agreed date?

  • Where does that leave the customers deposit?

  • Use Depositmate for safety and peace of mind.

Use Depositmate on your phone, tablet or your laptop.

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Making a reservation?

Depositmate also caters for those that are booking reservations. Our service can be used for confirming such transactions as holiday lets, function room hire or restaurant bookings.

So if you are a business or a customer and you would like to obtain the commitment you require, start the easy process with Depositmate.

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Balanced arrangements

Our service works for both parties as they each get the clear commitment to their arrangement without the risks.

Fair agreements

Users agree on terms, obtain a bespoke contract covering their arrangement and then we safely hold the Deposit on their behalf.

Who is it for?
Quite simply if you are booking a service in advance and a deposit is required to secure that date then Depositmate is for you.
Who isn't it for?
Rental schemes

Depositmate is not to be used for landlord and tenant property rentals as there is specific legislation in place relating to such matters. Depositmate is also not to be used by parties looking to safeguard the condition of a rental item such as a customer renting a tool or a vehicle.

Helping users seal their deal safely