The problem

Depositmate was formed in order to answer a simple question. How can you safely place a deposit?

Deposits have been used in various industries for decades but they have often been a grey area with both the sender and the receiver unsure of what they are actually agreeing to.

With developments in technology leading to the widespread use of online transfers, fraud then became a serious problem. Organised criminal networks started to realise that if they could tease deposits out of potential buyers of goods or services there was very little the victim could do.

A fair and safe solution

Our model was designed to work for both parties in every transaction.

We believe that in every legitimate case, the requester of a deposit only really wants one thing, the confirmation that their buyer or customer is committed to the transaction.

We created a system whereby both users get the confirmation they require without the negative implications and risk. As each party gets a bespoke contract there is no longer any confusion or grey area, the contracts are deliberately clear and simple to digest.

Helping users seal their deal safely

Our service opens up a new world for sellers of goods or services as they are now able to ask for deposits without feeling unreasonable or potentially losing their buyer. Safe, reliable deposits will become the norm and users of our service will go on to have many smooth, hassle free transactions.

Each transaction using our Depositmate can be summarised with two simple words.

Commitment and Transparency