The deposit holding service

What is Depositmate?

We are the UK’s first dedicated deposit holding service for people buying and selling goods and services.

Why use Depositmate?

Our service works for both parties in every transaction, protecting buyers from fraud and helping sellers secure their sale.

Money transfer fraud is on the rise with a common form involving a request for an advance payment from victims to secure fictitious goods or services. There is very little that can be done to retrieve the funds, even if a money transfer site is used.

This is not only a risk for potential buyers but it also may make legitimate sellers feel uncomfortable requesting a deposit.

Depositmate makes things simple and transparent for both sides of any agreement.

Everyone gets a contract so everyone knows exactly what they are agreeing to. It is quick, simple and can be started by either party.


Our service protects buyers from fraud and allows sellers to secure their transactions easily.


Once registered, all you need is the other party’s email address to get started.


We safely hold funds until your transaction is complete and we are registered with the FCA.

How does it work?

Users agree on terms of the deposit before any money is transferred. The process is quick and easy.


The buyer transfers the funds to Depositmate and we let everyone know the deposit has been placed.


Once the transaction is complete we transfer the deposit minus our small fee*

Helping users seal their deal safely